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Voicemail Manager Overview

Use the Voicemail Manager app to view details of all voicemails on any voicemail box in VoIP account.

NOTE: You can set up a voicemail box in the Callflows application, Voicemail or in the Smart PBX app, Adding a voicemail box. Users can view their individual voicemail log in the Viewing voicemails.

Key Features

  • Browse user voicemail boxes
  • Retrieve stored voicemails

Access Voicemail Manager

  1. Log in to Hosted PBX.
  2. Select Voicemail Manager from the Your Apps page.

NOTE: If you can't see Voicemail Manager in "Your Apps", go to the App Exchange and select it from all applications. Use the slider to enable it and click save. If you cannot select it, check with IP Telecom if this app is available for your account.

From the landing page, select the voicemail box that you want to review, and then check the recordings.