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Voicemail Recordings and Storage

In the Voicemail Manager app, check received voicemail details and retrieve voicemail recordings.

Viewing received voicemails

From the Received Voicemails page, view a list of all voicemails received to a specific faxbox.

  1. From the dropdown menu, select the voicemail box that you want to view. Review the snapshot of how many new voicemails are in the voicemail box, and the total number of voicemails.
  2. Filter your results by date if required.
  3. Review the following details:

    • Status - specifies if the voicemail was successfully received
    • Received - date the voicemail was received
    • From - the number of the caller who left the voicemail
    • Target Number - the number that received the voicemail
    • Duration - the length of the voicemail


Retrieving stored voicemails

Retrieve voicemail recordings from the storage section of the Voicemail Manager.

Sending calls directly to voicemail

Set up a short code to send calls to voicemail, see Direct to Voicemail short codes section.

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