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Voicemail Boxes

From the Smart PBX > Voicemail Boxes tab, you can add a voicemail box and configure the voicemail boxes on your VoIP account.

To find out how to check your voicemail, see Check Voicemail. To set up a new voicemail from your device, see Setting up new voicemail.


  • The maximum voicemail message length is 500 seconds
  • The maximum number of messages that can be stored in your voicemail box is 100.

Adding a voicemail box

  1. Go to Smart PBX > Voicemail Boxes > Add Voicemail box.
  2. In the Adding a Voicemail Box dialog, enter the name, voicemail number, and pin number for the user.
  3. Apply advanced settings as required.
  4. Click Create a new Voicemail Box.

NOTE: IP Telecom recommends adding a voicemail box to a user when you are setting up the user.

Editing a voicemail box

  1. Go to Smart PBX > Voicemail Boxes and click the Edit column for the user that you want to change.
  2. In the Editing a Voicemail Box dialog, you can change the name, voicemail number or pin number for the user. You can also change the voicemail pin number under Users > User Settings.
  3. Under the Advanced menu, you can set up several voicemail box options:

    • Options - Set the timezone, type of audio file, and options for greetings, notifications, auto login and so on. Hover your mouse over the checkbox for each option to see the description.

    • Recipients - Add multiple email recipients to be notified when someone leaves a voicemail in this mailbox. Using this feature can help ensure that important message are not missed.
    • Greeting Media - Set the music or sounds that you want the caller to hear upon reaching this voicemail box. NOTE: You can set a temporary greeting if you are on holidays or for lunch and this greeting will remain active until you set it back to "None".
  4. Save your changes.

    edit voicemail

Deleting a voicemail box

  1. Go to Smart PBX_Voicemail Boxes.
  2. Click the Edit column for the user whose mailbox you want to delete.
  3. Click Delete Voicemail Box.
  4. Save your changes.

Resetting your voicemail password

To change your voicemail password.

  1. Go to Smart PBX > Voicemail Boxes.
  2. Click the Edit column for the user whose mailbox you want to delete.


  3. In Basic settings, you can change Name, Voicemail number and PIN number of that voicemail.


  4. Click Save changes.

Check voicemail

Check your voicemail and any other voicemail by using the extension number. If auto-login is available, then you don't need a password. Set up auto-login at Voicemail Boxes > Edit > Advanced > Options. See Editing a voicemail box.

To access voicemail from your desk phone

  1. Press the voicemail soft key on your phone or Dial *97.
  2. Enter the extension of VM box, then enter password followed by #.
  3. Alternatively, you can dial your own extension and you will be prompted to enter password followed by #.

To access your voicemail from an external device:

  1. Call your office phone number and if necessary your extension.
  2. When listening to your own unavailable greeting, press * then your PIN number then #.
  3. You will now be prompted with your voicemail menu.


Optionally, you can add an email address to have messages forwarded to your email as an mp3 attachment.

Go back to main menu

Press "0" during a voicemail greeting to get back to the main menu.

Skip the recording and instructions

If you do not want callers to hear the recorded message of a voicemail:

  1. Go to Smart PBX > Voicemail Boxes.
  2. Click the wrench of the Voicemail that you want to manage.


  3. Click Advanced > Options


  4. Check the box for "Skip Greetings?" and "Skip Instructions?" if you want.

Anyone who tries to leave a message will not hear your greeting or the message that says "You can leave your voicemail after the tone". This feature can be useful if you want to have the same Voicemail in one call flow but with different message. You can skip the greeting and the instruction message and put a "play media" with the message that you want before the Voicemail.

Deleting a voicemail from phone

To configure your settings so that the voicemail deletes automatically:

  1. Go to Smart PBX > Voicemail Boxes > Edit > Advanced > Options.

  2. Check the box for "Delete after Notification".

  3. Save changes.

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