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Smart PBX Overview

Use the Smart PBX app to manage your VoIP system. Some of the main tasks you can do in Smart PBX include:

Accessing Smart PBX

  1. Log in to the PBX portal.
  2. Select Smart PBX from the Your Apps page.
  3. If Smart PBX is not available in "Your Apps", click the App Exchange and use the slider to enable it.

Viewing Smart PBX dashboard

Smart PBX Dashboard

Total Devices

This summarizes the number of devices (users might have more than one device) configured for the account.

Unregistered Devices

The total number of devices that are not currently registered.

Conference Bridges

The total number of conference bridges set up for this account.

Main Number

The main numbers for the account. When you first set up the account there will be a message here to assign a main number. After you have assigned a main number, there will be a message to configure emergency caller ID for a main number.

Conference Number

The account’s conference number (if assigned).

Main Faxbox Number

The account’s main faxbox number (if assigned). This faxbox only handles inbound faxes and sends inbound faxes to the email address that was configured when the number was assigned.

Total Numbers

The total numbers owned by the account including any spare numbers you might have purchased as part of a group of numbers but not yet assigned. It also identifies non-geographic numbers on the account.

Company Directory

Shows the number of users in the company directory. By default, users are added to the company directory but you can configure individual users to not be included if required. You can download this information as a .pdf file also, and import it into a document for distribution.

Account ID

This number is used by support to help track down call routing issues or any other support questions.

Account Realm

The realm of the account. The realm is used for SIP authentication and for faxboxes - users can send an email to the system that will then be sent as a fax to the destination number.

Changing hold music for whole company

To change the on hold music of the whole company:

  1. Log in to the portal.
  2. Go to Your Apps > Smart PBX.
  3. Click the "Hold Music" icon on the dashboard.

  4. Select hold music or upload a new file.

Company directory

The company directory is available on your deskphone or in the Smart PBX. You can have the company directory created automatically when you upload users to your Yealink phone. Each time you create a new user in the Smart PBX, you should check the box for "Include User in the Company Directory" to ensure they are added.

  • Press Directory > Remote Phone Book and enter.
  • Go to Smart PBX > Dashboard


If you make changes to user details, the directory will update automatically and you can download a new .pdf version from the Smart PBX dashboard.

See also:

Downloading company directory

  1. Go to Apps > Smart PBX > Dashboard.
  2. In the "Company Directory Users" panel, click Download.
  3. The file will contain last name, first name, and associated phone numbers (DDI or extensions).

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