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From the Devices tab, you can set up and manage the devices on the account.

Adding a device

Follow these steps to add a device to the account without assigning a user.

  1. Go to SmartPBX > Devices > Add Device.
  2. Select the type of device you want to add.
  3. Enter the device name and number.
  4. Leave Assign to as No Owner.
  5. Click Create Device.

This device now appears in the list of available or spare devices if you need to use it in the future.

To add a device for a user and for device specific instructions, see Adding a device to a user.

Editing device settings

  1. Go to Devices and click the Edit column for the device and user that you want to update.
  2. In the dialog menu for that device, you can change the device name and number or the user that it's assigned to.
  3. Under Advanced > Options you can select from the following options:

    • SIP - add a SIP username and password
    • Audio - assign audio codecs
    • Video - assign video codecs
    • Restrictions - apply restrictions to certain types of numbers, such as freephone, directory enquiry, international and so on
    • Miscellaneous - apply settings such as caller-id privacy, notifications when the device unregisters and so on
    • Combo Keys - combo keys enable you to add functions to the keys beside your phone display, such as speed dial and busy lamp fields (BLF - an LED light to indicate if an extension is available or busy). For more information about setting up combo keys, see Setting up Combo Keys.
  4. Save your changes.

NOTE: You cannot change the brand or model of the device using these steps. You must first delete the device, see Deleting a device. After the device is deleted, you can add a new one, see Adding a device to a user.

Deleting a device

  1. Go to Devices and click the Edit column on the device you want to delete.
  2. Click Delete Device.
  3. Save your changes.


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