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Release 2.22

Release Date: 22/04/2021

Release Notes Summary

Release 2.22 contains multiple improvements to the CMA billing structure for invoicing, broadband, direct debit, and VAT. It also provides support for extended functionality around bundles and services. The issues mentioned in this RN are a brief summary of the updates and do not represent the full scope of issues in this release. This release also contains bug fixes.

New Features

The following new features are included in this release:

  • Bundle quantities, price per unit, grouping of bundles
  • Broadband chargeable items for service, installation, and hardware
  • Billing for broadband


  • ISSUE-1372 - New billing logic to ignore NRC items that were already charged
  • ISSUE-939 - When updating bundles for customer and for any chargeable items, admin should get an alert if there are chargeable items but no bundle can be found
  • ISSUE-810 - Enable/disable CRM integration for hosted PBX
  • ISSUE-756 - Sync all items from CMA to Zoho API
  • ISSUE-755 - Add or amend items in Zoho using the Zoho items API
  • ISSUE-753 - Bundle system improvements
  • ISSUE-752 - Specify price when adding a service to an account
  • ISSUE-711 - If the VoIP account is on a bundle not allowed by partner type then exclude it from update process
  • ISSUE-648 - Improve bundles - allow quantities of bundles on VoIP accounts
  • ISSUE-647 - Customer VAT code implement on API / CSV Files

Fixed Issues

  • ISSUE-1443 - SA CMA needs default value for "processing date" for DD file generation when selected on billing form
  • ISSUE-1475 - SA invoices in EURO

How to Upgrade

No download is required, version 2.22 is available to all users immediately upon release.