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Release 2.21

Release Date: 24/08/2020

Release Notes Summary

Release 2.21 provides support for administrators and partners to go from VoIP accounts to reports quickly. API support is added for peak and offpeak times. Support is also added for opening Zendesk tickets from CMA for admins, and there is a new emergency caller ID field in the UI for setting up VoIP accounts. This release also contains bug fixes.

New Features

The following new features are included in this release:

  • ISSUE-1213 - Peak times/offpeak times API
  • ISSUE-1201 - Provide option to go from VoIP accounts to CDR reports easily


  • ISSUE-1329 - Make domain length a configurable option
  • ISSUE-1246 - Allow a carrier to be configured in CMA that is not available for customers to select on porting requests
  • ISSUE-1239 - Updating a note on a customer account should not cause an address error
  • ISSUE-1238 - Emergency caller ID field added to VoIP account add screen
  • ISSUE-1207 - Aborted and timeout date/times should be viewable on UI
  • ISSUE-1206 - Superadmins should be allowed to select "signed" as a status on the force status update tool
  • ISSUE-1203 - A porting authorisation request (initialize) should be prevented from executing if requesteddatetime has passed
  • ISSUE-1202 - Allow option to add number ranges as "allowed callerIDs"
  • ISSUE-1191 - If they are available, add FTTH speed profiles to the "Select Product" tab on a broadband order
  • ISSUE-1162 - Delete old credit card details when they are not relevant any more
  • ISSUE-1044 - CMA users can open a Zendesk ticket from CMA home page for support with CMA functionality
  • ISSUE-1028 - When adding a number through a porting request, you should be able to assign numbers with portedOut status in CMA

Fixed Issues

The following issues are fixed in this release:

  • ISSUE-1330 - Can't change partner account to hosted PBX account
  • ISSUE-1245 - On "Pending Removal" page, "Assign to different VoIP Account" button not working
  • ISSUE-1234 - Update number not working under certain conditions
  • ISSUE-1230 - Error from Zoho about unique email address when updating partner
  • ISSUE-1226 - Double msg_logs model class
  • ISSUE-1223 - When assigning number service to account, if identical service already exists (same number on same account), we do not need to double that service
  • ISSUE-1222 - When a number is being disconnected (removed from account), we should be removing any MRC services
  • ISSUE-1221 - When customer is switching from chargePartner, company UQP for updating payment details doesn't invoke the creation of Zoho Customer via API
  • ISSUE-1220 - When a region is being deleted, allowed caller IDs must be checked
  • ISSUE-1208 - Document status is incorrect on signed doc

Known Issues

There are no known issues in this release.

How to Upgrade

No download is required, version 2.21 is available to all users immediately upon release.