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Release 2.20

Release Date: 16/06/2020

Release Notes Summary

Release 2.20 provides support for bulk update of opensips destination list and support for marking all ports as expired after the requested date and time has passed. This release also contains bug fixes.

New Features

The following new features are included in this release:

  • ISSUE-1139 - Automatically flag all ports as expired after the requested date and time has passed by a specified number of days
  • ISSUE-973 - Bulk update of opensips fraud destinations


  • ISSUE-1171 - When porting process is being created with Irish numbers, user can only add Irish numbers (no international numbers on same port) and only use regions with same routing code
  • ISSUE-1167 - When port is aborted or timed out, dedicated datetime fields will mark when this happened
  • ISSUE-1159 - Broadband - add circuit - improvement to show next available VLAN as default
  • ISSUE-1143 - Automated process picks up port request for short window after working hours
  • ISSUE-1128]- Porting document does not resend when "Other" carrier dropdown is updated to the new carrier name if it is identical to the carrier name entered into the additional field
  • ISSUE-1127 - Port request on which "Other" carrier option is selected is updated with additional field to set the name of the carrier
  • ISSUE-1123 - Porting user can abort port through CMA UI up until the requested date and time
  • ISSUE-1118 - When a porting request is made from our side and it ends in error, we can selectively store fields we need
  • ISSUE-1113 - Portal URL is hardcoded
  • ISSUE-971 - When a port out is finalised, the numbers are removed from the router/hostedpbx account

Fixed Issues

The following issues are fixed in this release:

  • ISSUE-1141 - Option to update carrier on view page when not selected is not working on porting index page
  • ISSUE-1137 - Request was rejected when it wasn't able to send email notification
  • ISSUE-1133 - Direct link to port request popup should not show that popup again after popup was closed
  • ISSUE-1052 - When adding customer account as partner, the same field "sendCSV" is shown twice on two different tabs

Known Issues

There are no known issues in this release.

How to Upgrade

No download is required, version 2.20 is available to all users immediately upon release.