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Release 2.17

Release Date: 22/11/2019

Release Notes Summary

Release 2.17 provides support for billable non-geographical regions without a billing prefix. It also includes provision for new "wrap-up" reasons after finishing a call that was picked up from a call centre queue.

This release also contains critical bug fixes.

New Features

The following new features are included in this release:

  • Support for administrators to add billable non-geographical regions without providing a billing prefix.
  • Support for "wrap-up" and "away" reasons to be provided at the end of a call center call.
  • Stats center support for adding "average abandon time" and "maximum wait before abandon time" to inbound queues


The following improvements are included in this release:

  • All Microsoft teams devices to have a unique SIP username.
  • Event messages for the do-not-disturb on/off feature.
  • When a number is being disconnected, it is also removed from any existing Callflows.
  • Support for searching for numbers using wildcards.
  • Support for recording queues
  • Improved UI for Advanced Provisioner, removed the Add Device button and added more information on provisioner

Fixed Issues

The following issues are fixed in this release:

  • ISSUE-955 - Delays with loading outbound CDR reports
  • ISSUE-944 - Cached results for available agent and queue listing in agent call stats
  • ISSUE-943 - Agent stats report should allow for 'Summary' and 'By Day'
  • ISSUE-938 - Stats center - change disposition of rejected to DND/Rejected
  • ISSUE-937 - New "away" event coming in before logout, need to handle calculation of "duration_sec" for "away" events
  • ISSUE-920 - Stats center - missed calls all show as Anonymous
  • ISSUE-896 - Long duration of external calls

Known Issues

There are no known issues in this release.

How to Upgrade

No download is required, version 2.17 is available to all users immediately upon release.