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Set up Voicemail on T23G

For more information, refer to Yealink Support.

To setup your voicemail:

  1. Call *97 from your desk phone or press the “MESSAGE” button on your desk phone.


  2. When asked for your voicemail number, enter your extension number and then press #.

  3. Enter the password 0000 and then press #.
  4. You are welcomed to your voicemail box and instructed to personalise your settings.
  5. Set up your new password and confirm it.
  6. Record your greeting - then press 1 to save , 2 to listen your recording, and 3 to record your message again.


When you are logged into your voicemail box:

  • Press 1 for new message
  • Press 2 for saved messages
  • Press 5 for settings