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Yealink - Internal and External Ringtone

Follow the instructions to set up a different ringtone for internal versus external calls.

To set up ringtones:

  1. Go to Apps > Advanced Provisioner, and go to the device that you need.
  2. Click Settings > Configure.


  1. On your device, go to Preferences > Distinctive Ringtone, select an option for "Internal Ringtone" and something different for "External Ringtone" and save.


  2. In Advanced Provisioner, go back to the device you did changes and press Settings > Restart. The phone reboots and this forces new configuration to download and is pushed through Advanced Provisioner.


  3. Go to the Callflows app Your Apps > Callflows > Devices and select the device on which you made changes.

  4. Go to Advanced > Options, and type “internal” and “external”.


  5. Save your changes.