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Yealink - Factory Reset

Factory reset restores your device to the default settings that were applied when it was manufactured.

To factory reset your device

  1. Press and hold the "OK" button until the screen shows below:


  2. Confirm by pressing OK.

  3. After you reset the device, the phone should download the configuration from our servers.


If the download doesn't happen, it means your server is not set up to our minimum network requirements. Attempt to manually provision the device.

Deny Factory Reset by Password

If you want to prevent a user from resetting the phone to factory default. you must put a password on the option to factory reset.

To deny access to factory reset the phone:

  1. Go to Apps > Advanced Provisioner.
  2. Select Devices, then choose a device and click the "Settings" tab.


  3. Go to Settings > Factory Reset Password and change it to "Enabled".


  4. Set the password; if a user attempts to factory reset the phone, they will be asked for a password.