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Yealink DECT Phone Installation

The following are general instructions on installing a Yealink W52P base and device. For more information and the latest guide version, see User Guide for the W52P IP DECT Phone.


You should have the following items in the packaging:

Base Station W52H Handset Rechargeable Batteries
Charger Cradle Power Adapter Ethernet Cable
Belt Clip Quick Start Guide

Installation Guide

Complete these four steps to install your Yealink DECT phone:

  1. Connect the W52P base station
  2. Configure the W52P/W52H handset
  3. Set up the charger cradle
  4. Register the handset

Connecting the W52P Base Station

You have two options for power and network connection of the base station:

  • AC power (Optional)
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)


  • Pay attention to the radio coverage of the base station. It is up to 300m in unobstructed outdoor areas and up to 50m inside buildings.
  • Set up the base station and the charger cradle at a central location on a flat, non-slip surface.

AC Power (Optional)

  1. Connect the DC plug on the power adapter to the DC5V port on the base station and connect the other end of the power adapter into an electrical power outlet.
  2. Connect the supplied Ethernet cable between theInternet port on the base station and the Internet por in your network or switch device port.


    The base station should be used with the Yealink original power adapter (5V/600mA) only. The use of the third-party power adapter might cause damage to the base station.

Power over Ethernet

Using a regular Ethernet cable, the base station can be powered from a PoE-compliant (IEEE 802.3af) switch or hub.

To connect the PoE:

  1. Connect the Ethernet cable between the Internet port on the base station and an available port on the in-line power switch/hub.


If the in-line power is provided, you don’t need to connect the AC adapter. Make sure the switch/hub is PoE compliant.


Do not remove the power and network to the base station while it is updating firmware and configurations

Setting up the W52P or W52H Handset

To insert batteries into the handset:

  1. Open the battery cover.
  2. Insert the batteries in the correct polarity and close the cover


Do not short-circuit the battery, as short-circuiting the terminals may damage the battery or the handset.Do not use a damaged battery, as this may cause an explosion.Before replacing the battery, please turn off the handset to prevent memory loss.

For more information about the handset, see User Guide for the W52P IP DECT Phone.

Setting up the Charger Cradle

  1. Connect the DC plug on the power adapter to the DC5V port on the charger cradle.
  2. Connect the other end of the power adapter into an electrical power outlet

For more information about charging the handset, see User Guide for the W52P IP DECT Phone.

Registering the handset

You can register up to five handsets to one W52P base station. Each handset can be registered to four different base stations.

To register the first handset:

  1. Long press on the base station.

    The registration LED slow flashes, indicating the base station is in the registration mode.

  2. Press on the handset to enter the main menu.

  3. Select Settings -> Registration -> Register Handset.

    The LCD screen displays the Base1-Base4.

  4. Press or to highlight the desired one, and then press the OK soft key. The handset begins to search for the base station.

  5. Press the OK soft key when the LCD screen displays the RFPI code of the base station.
  6. Enter the system PIN (default: 0000).
  7. Press the Done soft key.

    The handset plays a warning tone and prompts “Handset Subscribed”, which indicates the handset is registered successfully. After successful registration, an internal handset number and handset name appear on the LCD screen.

More information

To add more handsets to the base, see Add Extra Phone.