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Yealink Dect Phone - Factory Default Base

If you are having issues with your Dect phone, you might be advised to factory default the base. Factory resetting a Yealink cordless phone is a simple procedure that must be carried out at the base station:


To factory reset the base:

  1. Power off the unit - if powered by PoE this might mean unplugging the network cable - if not, try to unplug power cable.
  2. Wait 15 seconds with the device off.
  3. Press and hold the connect button on the base station.


  4. Reconnect the power.

  5. Wait until all three status lights are on, showing solid green (phone light, network light and power light).
  6. Release the button and wait few minutes.
  7. Power off the unit.
  8. Wait 15 seconds.
  9. Reconnect the power.

After a factory reset, the phones will automatically recover their programming (except for any user made settings such as additional device pairings, ring tones or speed dials).


If you have few phones connected to the base, they might need to be paired with the base again. If a factory reset does not resolve the issue, it might indicate that there is a network fault.