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Parking a call

To park a call

  1. During the call, press 'Tran' Key (Transfer)
  2. Dial *31 and 'Tran' Key again to place the call in parking slot 1.
  3. You can hang up the call and the caller will be placed on hold until the call is retrieved.

To pick up the call

  1. Dial *31 from any handset.


You can configure a BLF soft key with shortcode *31 to simplify the call parking.

See also, Set BLF Manually on Device

To use more parking slots use *32 for slot 2, *33 for slot 3, and so on.


  1. You might prefer to park calls in extension numbers so it's easier to remember, for example, if you want to park a call for John, and he's extension 101. You could transfer the call to *3101, and let him know. When he's ready to take the call, he just calls *3101 from any phone and call is with him.

  2. Optionally, each department could have a parking number, for example, sales will park in 500, and they can have a BLF and know when they have a call there.