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Yealink - Add Extra DECT Phone to your Base Station

You can add an extra phone to your base station for a second line.

To add an extra DECT phone:

  1. Go to Apps > Smart PBX> Users
  2. Select the user that you want to add a second line to and click the "Devices" column.
  3. Click + New Device and select SIP phone from the options.
  4. Click The brand of my device is not listed here.


  5. Assign the Device Name and get the SIP Credentials and Realm to set up your second line.


  6. Save the details to use in Step 10.

  7. Switch to the "Advanced Provisioner" app; Your Apps > Advanced Provisioner.
  8. Select the device that you want to manage, and click Settings > Configure.
  9. From the “Lines” tab, you can see the next line available; Line 2 is the next available line in the example.


  10. Using the information from Step 5, configure the line settings as shown in the screenshot.

  11. Go to the “Handsets”’ tab of the device. Per the example, select "2" for the line and assign ‘Account 2’ as the default line.


  12. Save changes.

  13. Reboot the device. (If your network is set up as our minimum network requirements, the phone should download the new configuration from our servers).
  14. After the base station has rebooted, pair the new device to the base station.