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Cisco - External Directory

IP Telecom do not provide an external contacts directory as part of the hosted PBX service. However, you can set this up according to your own unique network infrastructure.

Below is some guidance on how you can implement this yourself.

To use an external directory on your devices:

  1. Set up an internal HTTP server. The internal server will host an XML file containing your external contacts.
  2. The Cisco phones XML Directory format is shown below:

      <Title>Cisco Corporate Directory</Title>
      <Prompt>Select the User</Prompt>
      <Name>Shze Chew Lee</Name>
      <Name>Sherman Scholten</Name>
      <Name>Josh Bottum</Name>
  3. After you create the XML file and upload it to the HTTP server it is ready to be uploaded to the phone.

To get the external directory on the phone

  1. Log into the phone.
  2. Go to Admin > Advanced > Phone > XML Service.
  3. Enter the XML directory service name, this can be anything you want.
  4. Submit a request to get the XML Directory Server URL.



For Cisco phones, only one directory can be uploaded. This means that all the external and internal contacts will have to be in one file.