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Bria - iPhone configuration

If you’re having problems using Bria on your iPhone, you can change some settings to help improve this. Issues might be receiving calls as missed calls or not receiving calls at all.


These instructions and screenshots might not be appropriate for all iPhones, go to your specific iPhone guide for the most up to date steps to find your settings.

Disable Low Power Mode on iPhone

To disable low power mode:

  1. Select Settings > Battery
  2. Check that “Low Power Mode” is disabled, the screen should look like this:


Enable Notifications on iPhone

  1. Select Settings > Bria Enterprise.


  1. Tap on "Notifications".
  2. Make sure the following are checked.

    • Lock Screen
    • Notification Centre
    • Banners
  3. By default "Banner Style" is set to "Temporary", change this to "Persistent" and exit the settings.

  4. Open the Bria Enterprise App.
  5. Log out and log back in for changes to fully apply.
  6. To check that the changes have been made, go back into Settings > Notifications > Bria Enterprise and verify that your screen looks like this:


Bria Enterprise App settings

  1. Open the Bria Enterprise App.
  2. Select Settings > Preferences.
  3. Enable "Native Integration".
  4. Log out and log back into the Bria Enterprise App.