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Bria - Disable Call Waiting

You can turn off the "call waiting" feature if you want to prevent active calls being interrupted by incoming calls. When you disable call waiting it become effective immediately even during a call.

The calls will appear as "Missed Calls" in the list of recent calls (Windows) or History (Mac). If you have disabled call waiting, then any new incoming calls ring busy (to the caller) or go straight to voicemail.

To disable call waiting:

  1. Click the down arrow for "more call options" and select Disable Call Waiting.


  2. "Call waiting is disabled" is displayed and a check mark appears beside the "Disable Call Waiting" on the drop-down menu.


For mobile apps there is no option to toggle this feature on and off - it will accept up to two calls and place the third to voicemail or the next step.

More information

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