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Bria - Set up Softphone using Stretto CounterPath

Use the Stretto platform and Smart PBX app to set up your Bria softphone.

Log in to Stretto

  1. Go to the URL:
  2. Enter your credentials:
    • Administrator ID
    • Password
  3. Click Log In.

Review the status of customer account, licenses and devices

  1. Click your customer name in the folders on the left panel.

    hosted pbx search

  2. Expand the folder to display the details panel.

  3. In the Information tab; check State to verify that the account is active, and to see the Number of users.


  4. Click the Group Limits tab to see how many licenses the customer has (Limit Value) and how many have been used (Current Count).

    group limits

  5. Click the Devices tab to check the Provisioning Username, details of the most recent login and the operating system/version.


Create a softphone device

Before you can set up Bria, first create a softphone device in the Smart PBX app to generate your SIP credentials.

To create a softphone:

  1. In the hosted PBX portal for your account, go to Smart PBX > Devices > Add Device > Softphone.
  2. Keep the "Adding a Softphone" window open before you create the device; you will use this information to configure your softphone in the Stretto portal.

    adding softphone

  3. Go back to the hosted PBX folder in Stretto and select Users under the account folder.


  4. Click +New to add a new user.


  5. Complete the "Details for new user" in Steps 6 & 7 using the information from the Smart PBX:

  6. In the Settings tab, enter the details as follows:

    • Provisioning Username: enter the Device Name, use a full stop instead of a space, e.g. Device 4
    • Provisioning Password: enter the SIP Password
    • Email address: enter the user’s email address



    If the user has two softphone devices, a mobile and a PC softphone, you cannot use the same email address. For the second device, change the email address slightly, e.g. add a 1 before To send the credentials for the second device, use the email address in the "Attribute" section.

  7. In the Attributes section enter the details in the following fields:

    • account.notification._userEmailAddress: the email address of the person who should receive the notification email on behalf of the user
    • account.notification.administratorName: company name and person creating the user


    • account1Sip.credentials.authorizationName: enter the Sip Username from the Smart PBX
    • account1Sip.credentials.displayName: enter the display name of the Softphone
    • account1Sip.credentials.password: enter the SIP password (from Smart PBX)
    • account1Sip.credentials.username: enter the SIP username again (from Smart PBX)
    • account1Sip.domain: enter the realm name of the device (from Smart PBX) followed by :7000 e.g.
    • account1Sip.voicemailNumber: enter *97


  8. Click Save.

  9. Go back to the Smart PBX and click Create Device. To assign the device to an existing user or set up a new user, see Smart PBX > Adding a User.

Notify users that setup is complete

  1. Click Notify.


  2. Check the box to "Send first notification to users in group xxxxxx".


  3. Click Next.

  4. Use the template to send notifications to the user or partner. Click Template and select "userEmailNotification".


  5. Enter the email address in the To: field or select the Account Notification Email (this goes to the Partner).

  6. Click Send.

Remove unused devices

To remove devices that are longer in use

  1. Log in to Stretto for your customer.
  2. Expand your customer or group folder on the left.
  3. Click Users to open the "Users" panel with a list of all users.

  4. Select a user to reveal the "Details for user" panel.

  5. Select the "Devices" tab.
  6. Click Edit and then Delete for the device that you want to remove.

  7. Click Save.