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Operator Console Pro Overview

Use Operator Console Pro to view and handle inbound call traffic. All employees and devices on your VoIP account are loaded in the UI. From the summary display, you can view live call information such as who is active on a call, the number of calls made, and the duration of calls.

In Operator Console Pro you can also manually handle calls for available users such as answer, transfer, mute, hold, park and so on.

MS Teams

If your VoIP account is integrated with MS Teams, you can still use Operator Console Pro but some functionality might be lost. For example, you cannot dial out from a Teams device.

Key Features

  • Live call data such as active calls, timers and inbound/outbound calls
  • Office activity data such as who is busy/available and caller information
  • Concurrent call support
  • Parked calls view
  • Modern, intuitive user interface

Access Operator Console Pro

  1. Log in to the PBX portal.
  2. Select Operator Console Pro from the Your Apps page.

The dashboard gives you a current overview of users and devices, it displays your active/incoming calls and parked calls. From the dashboard, you view all Employees and Devices on the account, or you can filter who is available and who is busy.

In the Search tool, you can type a name to find and call anyone on the account without knowing their extension.

Operator Console Pro

For information about how to handle calls using Operator Console Pro, see Call Handling.