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Setting up Microsoft Teams for Hosted PBX

IPT for Teams enables voice calling to Microsoft Teams. All your MS Teams users can collaborate, message, and use voice calling across all devices. Use the following procedure to integrate MS Teams with your hosted PBX using the IP Telecom SBC portal. During the integration, the user who enables the service must have "global admin" privileges on the Microsoft Office account.

Important Licensing Information

Licensing Prerequisites
Each user must have one of the following licenses:
  • Enterprise E5 (Microsoft Phone System is included)
  • Enterprise E1 or E3 (plus the Microsoft Phone System Add On)
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic (plus the Microsoft Phone System Add On)
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard (plus the Microsoft Phone System Add On)
  • At least one extra Microsoft 365 license must be available for a few hours to configure the users (with two licenses the process can be even quicker).
    NOTE: The "Microsoft Phone System Add On" is not required for these spare licenses during the configuration, but is required for each of the actual users.


    At least one E3 license must be available to purchase the Phone System Add-on


    Setting up MS Teams is a collaborative procedure. Contact IP Telecom support for help getting started. The user who has "global" permissions on your MS Office 365 account is known as the "Microsoft administrator" for this procedure.

    Steps Responsibility
    1. Set up users, extensions, DDIs and Teams devices Microsoft administrator
    2. MS Teams account setup and licenses IP Telecom admin
    3. Enable services Microsoft administrator
    4. Add users to SBC portal Microsoft administrator
    5. Sync account Microsoft administrator

    Set up users, DDIs, MS Teams devices


    If the Microsoft administrator is not trained in the hosted PBX, then IP Telecom can assist with this step.

    1. In the Smart PBX app, verify that the following details are set up for each user that you want to integrate with MS Teams.

      • Users
      • Extensions
      • DDIs (users must have a direct dial number to use a Teams device)
      • MS Teams Devices
    2. If you have to setup a new user, or assign an Microsoft Teams device to them, see:


    The SIP information that is created automatically in the hosted PBX will be used for authentication in the SBC portal later in the process.

    Request MS Teams account setup and licenses

    1. Send an email to with the following information:

      • VoIP account name
      • Number of licenses (MS Teams subscriptions) (See Important Licensing Information)
      • First name, last name, and email address of the Microsoft administrator at your company
    2. IP Telecom will create the account on the SBC Portal with licenses and send an invite to your Microsoft administrator.

    Enable services

    1. Accept the invitation from
    2. Log in to the SBC, select Services > Teams
    3. Select One-Click 2nd Gen from the drop down
    4. Check the Enable Sync button

      enable services

    5. Click Enable Service.

    Add users to SBC portal

    After the account is configured and synced successfully, you must set up the numbers and SIP credentials for the users in SBC.

    1. Log into the SBC Portal
    2. Select the Users tab
    3. Select Add user
    4. Search or scroll to the user from the list.



      If you can’t find a user on the list, it means either the first sync failed or the user doesn’t have the Microsoft licences required. You must confirm that the user has the required licences assigned in the Microsoft portal and then click the Sync Now button again.

    5. Type in the DDI number in international format (+353...) and SIP credentials from the Smart PBX (Smart PBX > Devices > Edit > Advanced > SIP)

      smart pbx

      • Copy SIP Username into SIP Username and Auth Username
      • Copy SIP Password into Password


    Sync account

    1. Log back into the SBC portal.
    2. Select Users.
    3. Click Sync Now again to push this configuration back to the Microsoft network. The process is complete when the green check appears beside the Sync Now button.

    The user can receive calls immediately, but the dial pad might take up to 48 hours to appear.

    Troubleshooting MS Teams setup

    Q: What if I can't assign a spare number to the user's device and calls made to the number are not going anywhere?

    A: When setting up MS Teams, you have three portals:

    1. Hosted PBX - where you do your hosted configuration (,
    2. SBC - connects IP Telecom with Microsoft (
    3. Microsoft 365 portal.

    It's important to verify that all three have the same information. If you have the same information in SBC and Microsoft 365 due to a sync, then you must check hosted PBX to make sure it knows where to route the call. If you can't select the number in the (Smart PBX > Devices), it might mean that the number is not assigned to that user correctly.

    If required, you can unassign the number linked to the user in hosted PBX (Smart PBX > Users) and then "Add from spare numbers" the correct number from SBC.

    Cancel MS Teams licenses - delete users


    If the Microsoft administrator is not trained in the hosted PBX, then IP Telecom can assist with this procedure.

    Before you request to cancel MS Teams licenses, you must also remove the users from the SBC portal and delete the MS Teams devices in the hosted PBX.

    To cancel MS Teams licences

    1. Submit a request to IP Telecom admin to update the quantity of MS Teams subscriptions in SBC portal.
    2. Go to Smart PBX > Users.
    3. Select the Teams device that you want to remove.
    4. Click Delete Device.

    5. Log in to the SBC portal

    6. Click Users.
    7. Expand the arrow beside the user that you want to remove.
    8. Click the trash icon to delete the user as shown.