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Introduction to IPT Meet

Use IPT Meet for one-to-one or multi-party video conferencing, screen sharing, and chat. You don't need an account use IPT Meet.

There is a limit of 75 participants in an IPT Meet conference. IP Telecom recommends limiting meetings to a maximum of 35 participants to maintain quality.


  • PC or MAC: Use Chrome or Firefox (Chrome preferred) and go to
  • Mobile iOS or Android: Use Jitsi App (when you are sent a link to a meeting, you'll be asked to install the app; after you install the Jitsi app, go to the link again and allow phone to open the meeting in app.

NOTE: Any Chromium based browser has full support, for example modern Edge, Chrome, Chromium, Opera, and so on. To verify that Chrome has access to use camera, microphone and screen recording, go to System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Privacy.

Starting your meeting

  1. From your laptop, go to
  2. Enter your email address, accept the T&C's and click Start My Meeting.


  3. After you click start my meeting, you'll see automatic titles scrolling across the screen. You can overwrite this with your own meeting title (if required) or leave the random meeting titles.

  4. Click Go.

    start new meeting

General meeting settings

  1. Before you enter your meeting on the "Start a new meeting" page, you can review the general settings. Click the settings icon.

    meeting settings

  2. The following settings appear.

    device settings

  3. Adjust your devices, profile name, connect/disconnect your calendar, and set your preferred language here.

NOTE: You and other participants can adjust your camera, microphone, and audio devices during the meeting also.

Moderator rights

The first person to enter the meeting is give moderator permissions automatically. The moderator is identified by the star in the bottom right of their video window. In addition to the normal settings, the moderator can also:

  • Add a meeting password to lock the room after the meeting has started
  • Mute or hide everyone at the start of a meeting
  • Remove meeting participants during a meeting
  • Mute everyone else except the speaker during a meeting


To find the moderator settings during the meeting:

  1. From the toolbar go to More Actions > Settings > More.

    moderator settings


To view participant talk-time statistics:

  1. From the toolbar, click More Actions > Speaker Stats.

    speaker stats

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use the following keys to quickly perform tasks during your meeting.

Keyboard Shortcuts