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IPTelecom Browser Call

The IP Telecom Browser Call chrome extension allows IP Telecom customers to dial numbers from the Chrome browser automatically. After you install the extension and register your device, you can call a phone number displayed on any webpage directly.

Install IPTelecom browser call extension

  1. Go to Google Chrome Webstore.
  2. Search for "IPTelecom Browser Call".
  3. Click Add to Chrome.


  4. Click "Add extension" to confirm.

Register your device

  1. A new "IPTelecom Browser Call" extension logo is displayed next to your address bar; click the Chrome extension icon beside it and from dropdown, select Options.


  2. Enter your HostedPBX account name and credentials.

  3. Click Register My Account; the system attempts to register the first device it detects.


NOTE: The extension icon in the address bar has a green indicator when you have successfully registered your device.

Make a call

Go to any webpage with phone number and click the number; a QuickCall by IPTelecom window appears with the option to Call this number or Cancel.

quick call