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Voicemail FAQ

How do I access my voicemail?

See Access Voicemail

How do I change my message?
  1. Dial *97 in your desk phone.
  2. Enter voicemail box number (usually extension number) and pin of the voicemail box, if needed.
  3. Press 5 to access settings.
  4. Press 1 to record your message.
  5. During recording, press any key to stop the recording.
  6. Press 1 to save the recording.
  7. Press 3 to re-record.

For more information about voicemail boxes, go to the Smart PBX App Voicemail Boxes.

What if I can't access my mailbox?

“Your mailbox is not configured to allow access from this phone”.

If you hear this message you might be entering the wrong credentials.

  1. Dial *97
  2. Enter your extension number (VM box number) followed by #.
  3. Enter your PIN followed by #.

To reset your voicemail password, see Voicemail Boxes in the Smart PBX App Voicemail Boxes.

How do I personalise my voicemail?

See Personalise Voicemail

How do I transfer calls quickly straight to voicemail?

During the call, hit “Transfer” on your Desk Phone and dial **01 instead of 01. Press “Transfer” again to let the call go.

If you do not dial **, it appears that you are trying to transfer to extension 01.

Important: If you are on MS Teams and trying to transfer calls directly to voicemail, the ** option does not work. Instead, you must create a call flow for each user and point it to their voicemail box.

For more information about voicemail, see Voicemail Boxes.