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General FAQ

How do I upload media files to hosted PBX?

See Uploading media files

How do I set up a button to dial out as a different caller (add a second line)?

See Adding a second line

How do I move a number from callflow to main company number?

See Moving number to main company number.

How do I change the timezone on my account?

See Change Account Timezone.

How do I change my language and accent in TTS?

See Change Language and Accent in TTS

Why do I see a missed call in multiple devices for same user?

See Prevent Missed Call in Multiple Devices

Why do I see a missed call in MS Teams?

You might see missed calls in MS Teams if you're status is set to busy but the hosted PBX doesn't recognise that you should not be disturbed.

To prevent these missed calls, you can enable the MS Teams "busy on busy" calling policy. See Enabling busy on busy calling policy.

I'm having problems logging into the portal?

If you are experiencing trouble logging into the PBX Portal check the following:

  • Verify your browser's autofill feature is not pushing a different password
  • Verify all the lower and upper case letters are correct
  • If you have lost your your credentials, ask your PBX admin to change them or send a request to IP Telecom Support
What are ghost calls?

See Ghost Calls

Does your service support T38 for faxes and how can we enable it in our account?

You can send and receive fax data using 711 without any issues. Carrier to carrier 711 works in most cases. However, T38 is useful where there are bad links between the uas and uac but it might add some interoperability issues.

What is the best way to submit an issue, log a ticket or contact support?

See Contact Support.