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Calling & Numbers FAQ

How can I hide my caller ID?

See Hide Caller ID

How do I set up outbound caller ID for account or user?

See Outbound Caller ID

How do I dial internationally?

Dial “00”, enter the code of the country that you want to dial, for example 353 for Ireland or 44 for the UK. Enter the number that you want to dial, if is an Irish number or a UK number you must omit the first “0”.


  • (local Rep. of Ireland)01 XXXXXX
  • (from outside Ireland) 00 353 1 XXXXX
How do I dial a UK number from within UK without using country code?

See Dialling within UK

How do I block incoming numbers?

See Blacklist

How do I restrict outgoing calls?

See Restrict Outgoing Calls

How do I block specific outgoing numbers?

See How to block outgoing numbers