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Dynamic Caller ID

Use the Dynamic Caller ID (CID) app to set up codes that enable you to change the caller ID number that displays on your outbound calls. After you configure the caller ID codes, you simply dial the feature code *2, the CID code and your destination number. The configured number displays in the caller ID instead of the number you are dialing from.

Key features:

  • Manage your dynamic CIDs
  • Change dynamic CID feature code

Accessing Dynamic CID

  1. Log in to Hosted PBX.
  2. Select Dynamic CID from the Your Apps page.


If you can't see Dynamic CID in "Your Apps", go to the App Exchange and select it from all applications. Use the slider to enable it and click save. If you cannot select it, check with IP Telecom if this app is available for your account.

You can view the list of caller ID short codes associated with each phone number.