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Setting up caller ID codes

Before you configure caller ID codes for your VoIP system:

  • Verify the short codes that are already activated in Smart PBX. See Feature Codes.

    NOTE: *2 is the default short code to activate dynamic CID. If *2 is already assigned to another feature, then change the feature code for dynamic CID.

  • Gather a list of phone numbers that you want to use as caller ID numbers. Numbers can be landline or mobile numbers but they must be owned by the account.


Using Dynamic CID will override any caller ID settings in Smart PBX.

Adding a new CID code

  1. Go to Dynamic CID > Add Caller ID.
  2. Enter the CID Selector. This is two digit number. If there are already other CID codes setup, the next available code populates.
  3. Enter a "Name" to identify this caller ID shortcode configuration. This name does not display in the caller ID.
  4. From the dropdown menu, select the number that you want to display in the caller ID when this shortcode is dialled.
  5. Click Create CID.

    create cid

Editing CID selectors

  1. Go to Dynamic CID.
  2. From the list of CID selectors, click the settings icon.
  3. Edit your configuration and save your changes.
  4. To delete the code, click the "Delete" icon to remove the CID selector.

    edit cid

Changing the feature code for dynamic caller ID

To change the short code that triggers dynamic caller ID from your device:

  1. Go to Dynamic CID > Change Feature Code.
  2. Enter the new short code. You must verify that it does not conflict with any of the other short codes already saved in your Smart PBX for other features; see Feature Codes.
  3. Save your changes.

    edit feature codes

Frequently asked questions

How do you make a call using Dynamic CID.

Example: Assuming you have setup the CID selector 03 with the caller ID 061-123456. You want to dial 086-XXXXXXX (from any number) and you want the person you are calling to see 061-123456 in the caller ID display.

Dial *2 03 086XXXXXXX then the callee will see 061-123456 as number you are calling from.

  • *2 triggers the dynamic CID feature
  • 03 triggers the caller ID number
  • destination number as normal

What are some examples of how I would use this?

A: If you are a contract company making calls on behalf of multiple different organisations, you might want to display the appropriate calling from number.

What numbers can I use as dynamic caller ID numbers?

When you are adding the CID selector, choose from a dropdown list of assigned, unassigned, and unused numbers. You can map any of these numbers to your rule but it must be a number owned by you.