Integrating your Hosted PBX with Zoho

When both systems are integrated, you can use the CRM Integration app to avail of the benefits of Zoho Phonebridge.

With Zoho Phonebridge, you can manage incoming and outgoing calls. It also reminds you about scheduled calls, identifies the caller, and matches the details with the customer's record in your Zoho products.

Some of the key features of Zoho CRM integration include:

  • Click-to-call - make calls directly from your Zoho application.
  • Call pop-ups - get call pop-ups on all incoming calls, notifications of missed calls, and set reminders to make outbound calls.
  • Contextual calling for agents - see a business card view of your contact when you are connected on a call.
  • Analytics and reporting - access reports and analytics based on your call data.

After every call, you can also create follow-up calls, tasks, notes, and events as required.


Before you integrate your hosted PBX with your Zoho products, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Your Zoho account type must be Standard, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate, or Trial version. Integration is not available in your Free Account.
  • You must have a IP Telecom Hosted PBX account.
  • All equipment for making and receiving calls must be configured, such as a softphone or IP phone.

Setting up Hosted PBX integration

There are two steps to integrate your hosted PBX with Zoho.

  1. Authorise your Hosted PBX with Zoho.
  2. Enable Zoho integration for your Hosted PBX users.

Authorise your Hosted PBX for integration

  1. Log in to your Hosted PBX.
  2. From the Your Apps page, go to CRM Integration > CRM Integrations.
  3. Click Integration with Zoho CRM.

    NOTE: If your integration link is missing, contact IP Telecom support to enable it.


  4. Log in to Zoho with your admin credentials and click Accept to confirm integration.


  5. After the integration, you are redirected back to the Hosted PBX management portal. The portal displays the following message:

    zoho success

Enabling integration between Hosted PBX users and Zoho users

  1. Go to CRM Integration > Licenses.
  2. From the Reference list, select the license with reference zoho-crm.
  3. From the Active Licenses tab, review the list of Available users.
  4. Drag and drop each user individually into the zoho-crm group column.
  5. For each user, click the settings icon:

    settings icon

  6. Enable the integration settings:

    • Inbound events - Enable or disable processing of incoming calls.
    • Outbound events - Enable or disable outgoing call processing.
    • All Devices Handling - Enable or disable call processing for all user devices.

      NOTE: If this option is disabled, integration only works with a specific device that is created when you click save.

    • Click To Call - Enable or disable click-to-call functionality within Zoho. There are two settings:
      • Click to dial - triggers a call from within the Zoho.
      • Click to hangup - ends a call that was made from the Zoho.
  7. Save your changes.