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Integrating Hosted PBX with Salesforce

When you integrate your hosted PBX with your Salesforce CRM, you can use the CRM Integration app to avail of the benefits of Salesforce.

Some of the key features of CRM integration include:

  • Pop-up card for incoming and outgoing calls
  • One-click calls to customers from Salesforce
  • Call history in special widget on Salesforce page
  • Call details in history list
  • Call recording playback in call details window
  • Create and search an existing contact based on number in call history
  • Create follow-up calls, tasks, notes, and events as required.


Before you integrate your hosted PBX with your Salesforce products, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Salesforce account type: Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, or Developer Edition.
  • Interface type: Lightning Experience.
  • You must have an IP Telecom HostedPBX account
  • Equipment for making and receiving calls, such as a softphone or IP phone, must be configured.
  • All users must have their login credentials for the IP Telecom portal. To setup or change user credentials, see user credentials.

There are three steps to integrate your hosted PBX with Salesforce.

  1. Setting up Salesforce (Administrators).
  2. Integrating Hosted PBX for Salesforce (User).
  3. Integrating Hosted PBX for Salesforce Users (Admin)

Setting up Salesforce

  1. Click on link to install the package.
  2. Select option to Install for Admins Only, then click Install.


  3. In upper-right corner of Salesforce page, go to Setup.


  4. In search bar, type Call Center, and then select Call Center in side menu.

  5. Select Iptelecom Call Center.
  6. Click Manage Call Center Users.


  7. Click Add More Users.

  8. Click Find. Mark and add the users that you want to integrate.

Assign a permission set to multiple users

The Salesforce administrator of the organization must assign the users a permission set named "IPTelecom Integration User" to access the application.

For more information on how to assign a permission set, see Assign a Permission Set to Multiple Users.


The permission set is not necessary for the administrator.

Integrating hosted PBX with Salesforce (user)

As a user, you can integrate your hosted PBX with your Salesforce account.

  1. Open the CRM Integration app in your hosted PBX portal.
  2. From the "Integrations" tab, select Salesforce and click Integrate.


  3. Log in to Salesforce and confirm integration.


  4. If integration is successful, you will be redirected back to the HostedPBX management portal and the following message will be shown:


  5. After CRM integration is enabled, you can enjoy all the benefits of Salesforce.

Integrating Hosted PBX for Salesforce users (admin)

As an admin, you can integrate multiple users with Salesforce.

  1. Click the Licenses tab. Click on an available license with the reference salesforce-crm.


    1. From the list of users, use the slider to activate each user for Salesforce CRM integration.


  2. To apply user settings, click the User Features icon:

    settings icon

    NOTE: If the settings icon is greyed out, the user must log into the HostedPBX Portal and do the integration in the CRM Integration app, see steps for users.

  3. Enable the integration settings:


  4. Adjust the individual user parameters:

    • Inbound events - enable/disable incoming calls processing
    • Outbound events - enable/disable outgoing call processing
    • Click To Call - enable/disable Click to Call functionality within Salesforce CRM
    • Events for extension numbers - indicates if you want to log events to the integration when calls to and from extension numbers happen. Event logs can be used for troubleshooting.
    • Enabled device - enable/disable call processing for all user devices. If this option is disabled, then integration only works with the specific devices that are created when you click Save.
  5. Close the window and confirm your changes by clicking Save changes.

  6. After each user is integrated and click-to-call is set up, the user features column displays their status in green.


Enable click-to-call per user

To enable click-to-call for a user:

  1. Log into Hosted PBX.
  2. Select the CRM Integration app.
  3. From the "Licenses" tab, click salesforce-crm.
  4. Go to the user and click the phone icon


  5. Use the slider to enable click-to-call.

  6. Click Save changes.
  7. After click-to-call is set up, the user features column displays the phone icon in green.