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Contact Support

What is the best way to submit an issue, log a ticket or contact support?

For a quick solution before contacting support, you can:

  • Navigate the help site or enter a keyword in the search bar to find all topics related to your query.

  • Check our FAQ to see if your question has already been answered.

Submit a request to IP Telecom support

  1. Go to the support center
  2. Click ‘Submit a Request’ in the right top corner of the support center beside your name/ID.
  3. Include as much additional information as possible with your inquiry to help us resolve your issue:

    • A brief description of the problem.
    • A simple explanation of what steps (if any) that you have taken to resolve the problem.
    • When the issue last occurred (or any other times) including the date and time.
    • If the call was with another person, the telephone number of the other party.
    • (Optional Advanced): If you are able to locate the recording that contains the Call-ID of the call that was problematic for you, we can use this to instantly find the details of what happened. You can find this underneath 'Call History' or ‘Call logs’
    • Find the call in question and click the Details/Technical Details link, Copy and Paste "call_id" value into your email or ticket.
    • If you are having trouble with localising the Call ID-please provide the following call details:

      • Calling Number
      • Called Number
      • Time of call

Email support

Click the envelope at the bottom of the page to email support or send email to

Contact us by phone

If your broadband connection is down and you need to place an emergency divert, call `+353 168 77777 and press 4 for support. If the call is regarding an existing ticket, please make sure you have your ticket reference in hand if logged in previously.

Teamviewer remote access

Teamviewer is software that allows us to remotely access your computer and make necessary changes in phone configuration or Hosted PBX. If you don’t have the software already, go to:

Download your file accordingly, and install on your computer.

If you want us to log remotely to your computer, simply provide your teamviewer ID and password.


A Teamviewer session might be chargeable