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What does lose_race mean?

This means the call wasn't answered, if the call was answered it ends usually in normal_clearing.


Why does my call sometimes show a different time duration and direction in Summary versus Interactions?

The interactions shows the total duration of the call to the number, sometimes there is an inbound virtual receptionist or a greeting that takes up some of the call, then it is might be directed to a ring group. In the sample below, you can see the original inbound call being split out to four different endpoints. The direction of these calls from hosted PBX to the phones are the outbound legs of the interaction. You can that three of the attempts weren't answered and one went through.

detail interaction

What does anonymous mean when it is displayed in the "from" column?

This usually indicates an application, such as call center, sending a call to a device.

Are the call logs in the Smart PBX different to the CDRs?

Both contain the same data presented differently.

How do CDRs work for if a user is part of a group?

Each interaction is available for every call that reaches the user.

What does No Route Destination mean?

This indicates either a non-existent number or, more likely, you are reaching a rate limit and the calls are being retried.