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Time of Day Sets

In Time of Day Sets, you can configure reusable time of day sets, such as public holidays, or certain predefined blocks of time that you can pull into a callflow easily without having to input the details each time.

Before you can assemble time of day sets, you must predefine the time-of-day instances in the Time of Day.

For example, in Time of Day, you have set up New Years day as the 1st of January, repeating every year. You might also set up Christmas day as the 25th December, repeating every year. These are two separate time-of-day instances that you can use in any callflow.

However, if you want the same call handling to apply to both of these holidays for a certain callflow, then you can create a time-of-day set.

Creating time-of-day sets

  1. Go to Callflows > Time of Day Sets.
  2. Click Add and enter a name for the time-of-day set, for example "Holidays".
  3. Drag the predefined time-of-day instances into the selected rules box, for example New Years day and Christmas day.
  4. Save your changes.

Adding time-of-day sets to a callflow

  1. Add a callflow, see Setting up an advanced callflow.
  2. Drag Time of Day across and place on top of the callflow box.
  3. Select the appropriate timezone.
  4. From the Time of Day menu, drag Enable Time of Day across and place it onto the Time of Day box.
  5. The predefined time-of-day sets are available to select from the Which Time of Day? dropdown menu under Sets.
  6. Save your changes.