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Time of day

In Time of Day, you can set up time of day rules to define what timezone and time period the callflow should adhere to. For example, you can set up New Years Day as the 1st of January, repeating every year. You can then assign that time of day to any callflow for special call handling.

Adding time of day to a call flow.

  1. Add a callflow, see Setting up an advanced callflow.
  2. From the Actions menu, drag Time of Day across and place on top of the callflow box. tod
  3. Select the appropriate timezone and click Save.
  4. Drag the next option in the callflow such as user, ring group, voicemail, or menu and a Time of Day dialog opens.
  5. Select a predefined Time of Day (TOD) from the dropdown, or to add a new TOD, click Add a time of Day.

    create tod

  6. Assign a name to the time of day, such as "Open", "Closed", "Lunch" and so on.

  7. Set repeats for weekly, monthly, or yearly.
  8. Choose a future start date, or leave blank to start immediately.
  9. Enable the time of day:
    • Based on time - callflow works as it was set up (9:00 to 17:30).
    • Forced On - Callflow is always ON, if it is a user callflow, the time of day always applies to this user.
    • Forced Off - Callflow is always OFF, if it is a user callflow, the time of day never applies to this user.
  10. Save your changes.

!!! note Time of day is checked from left to right, when you are setting up your "Open" hours call flow. "All other times" is typically used for out-of-hours and points to play media or a voicemail box.


Configuring disable or reset time of day

Use callflows to enable, disable and reset TOD, see Enable, disable or reset time of day for instructions.

Activate or deactivate time of day

After you have configured your callflows accordingly, use the shortcodes defined in your configuration to turn the menus on and off. Use this feature when you need to close/open the office outside of normal hours, for example when closing earlier, during holidays, or in emergencies.

- *55 - to deactivate your time of day configuration

- *65 - to activate or reset your normal time of day configuration


Dialling *55 will send all calls to "All other times". It's important to verify that the "All other times" greeting is recorded and set up appropriately.