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Play Media

In Play Media, you can upload content to use as media for hold music, voice greetings, menus, or voicemails. You can also edit existing media. After you create the media, it is available to select in the Smart PBX.

Adding or uploading media files

  1. Go to Callflows > Play Media.
  2. From the left-hand navigation, click Add.

  3. Enter the media name and then choose "File" or "TTS" from the dropdown menu.

  4. If you are using text-to-speech (TTS), enter the text for the greeting and it will be read to the caller.


    Language and accent for TTS can be changed in our hosted PBX solution. When you create a TTS media, you have an option to select the language and in some cases an "accent". You can select a female or male voice as well. This feature doesn't translate, it reads with the accent of the language selected.


  5. If you are uploading a file, choose a .wav or .mp3 (max 5MB) to upload.

  6. Save your changes.


TTS might be rejected if the message is more than 500 characters. If you need a lengthy message, IP Telecom recommends choosing the option to record the message instead of using TTS. TTS is recommended for short quick messages.


After you upload the file you can try to download it, if you get the file back then the audio is ok. If you get error, then the file didn't work.

Adding media to a callflow

  1. Add a callflow, see Setting up an advanced callflow.
  2. From the Basic actions, drag Play Media across and place on top of the callflow box.
  3. Select a file from the dropdown menu, or add new media by uploading a file.
  4. Save your changes.


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