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Feature Codes

In Feature Codes, you can set up or change the shortcodes for all the user features. You can review existing shortcodes in Smart PBX > Feature Codes Feature Codes.

Setting up feature codes

  1. Go to Callflow > Feature Codes.
  2. Enter the shortcode for each feature.
  3. Click the checkmark to enable or disable each code.
  4. If there is a gear icon next the feature codes, you can set timeout values or leave as default.
  5. Save your changes.


Call forward

  • Enable Call Forward – enables calls to be forwarded to another location
  • Disable Call Forward – cancels any forwarding that has been set
  • Toggle Call Forward – allows forwarding to be switched on or off to an extension or number
  • Update Call Forward – updates the number for the forwarding

Hot desking

  • Enable Hot Desking – allows calls to be brought to a device via the ID
  • Disable Hot Desking – logs the user out of the device
  • Toggle Hot Desking – allows hot desking to be turned on/off at one device


  • Check Voicemail – provides the option to designate the desired mailbox
  • Check Voicemail (auto login) – if enabled, no password needs to be entered
  • Direct to Voicemail – sends the call directly to the VM box
  • Intercom – allows hands-free two-way communication (must be supported by the device)
  • Privacy – blocks the outbound Caller ID


  • Park and Retrieve – user provides “parking spot”
  • Valet – “parking spot” is automatically assigned/provided
  • Retrieve – pulls parked call to where you are