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The main company directory is created automatically when you create a user and check the box to include the user in the company directory. This directory is available on the Smart PBX dashboard and you can download it to a .pdf file.

In the Callflows app, you can create other directories to include in advanced callflows. Callers can connect to the appropriate person by searching the directory. For example, if you have many departments, you could create directories for each department making it quicker for the caller to reach the right person.

Setting up a directory

  1. Go to Callflows > Directory > Add.
  2. In the Create Directory dialog, enter the name for the directory.
  3. Select a user and a callflow from the dropdown menu and click Add this user to the directory.
  4. Click Advanced and then Options, to set limits for the size of the directory and to define if users must confirm a directory match before connecting a call.
  5. Save your changes to create the directory.

Where to find more information

See also Company Directory.