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In Device, you can add devices to the account and assign an owner.


IP Telecom recommends adding devices using the Smart PBX app, Adding a device. When you add a device using the Callflows app, there are advanced options that vary depending on the type of device you are adding. Each device type has different settings and it is important to understand these settings before attempting to configure a devices in the Callflows app.

Adding a device using the callflow app

  1. Go to Callflows > Device > Add.
  2. From the banner, choose your device.


  3. Enter a name for the device, for example "Sam's phone".

  4. Assign the device to the correct user, enter the MAC address and the device make and model from the dropdown menu.


  5. Check the boxes to enable the device and to receive a notification if the device becomes is unregistered from the network at any time.

  6. Click Advanced to configure more detailed settings for the device, these settings vary but some common settings include:

    • Caller ID - Enter the caller ID name and number you want this device to display under different conditions.
    • Audio - Set the default on hold music for this device and the encryption format. The default audio standards are set automatically.
    • Video - Set the appropriate video compression format.
    • Options - Add metadata to alerts for internal and external ringtones.
    • Restrictions - Enter any service restrictions that should apply to this device. Select "Deny" from the dropdown menu to withhold that service from the device.
    • Click Save to add the device.


  • The device name provided is displayed on the handset screen. If you want to display the extension number, then include it in the device name.
  • For cellphones and landlines, click on the Advanced tab and uncheck "Require Key Press". If this is checked, the user answering a call will be asked to ‘press 1 to receive call’. This might lead to missed calls. keypress
  • A cellphone or landline can be used as a divert from a main call flow or a ring group in case of an emergency.
  • IP Telecom administrators usually set up softphones (VoIP phone) for the account. If you must set it up, do NOT modify Realm, Username, or Password.
  • If you are ordering licenses for new users, you must create the user and device on the Smart PBX portal.
  • When adding, deleting, or changing usernames on BRIA STRETTO devices you must first make the amendments in the portal and then send notification to IP Telecom support requesting an update to Stretto. If you encounter "Device Limit Reached", then submit a request with us.

Adding a device to a callflow

  1. Add a callflow Setting up an advanced callflow and route the inbound extension or direct dial number to a specific device.
  2. From the Advanced actions, drag the Device action across and place on top of the first box.
  3. Select the correct device and configure the settings.
  4. From the Basic actions, drag Voicemail on top of Device if required.

    NOTE: IP Telecom recommends adding the voicemail at the same time that you are setting up the device callflow.

  5. Select the appropriate voicemail box from a drop-down menu or create a new mailbox.

    add device to callflow

  6. Save your changes.

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