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In Conference, you can create a virtual conference bridge or a conference service. When a conference bridge is set up, the user can join the conference from the User Portal app, see Conference. When a conference service is set up, the owner can call other participants and add them to the call.

IMPORTANT: The conference facility supports up to 15 callers assuming there is no broadband limitations within the office, if all callers are internal. While there is no limit for participants, greater than 20 callers might cause issues such as audio loops, excess noise, and so on.

Setting up a conference bridge

To create a callflow that directs callers to a conference bridge, you must first add the callflow and then add the conference action to it. Alternatively, you can set up the details in Callflows > Conference > Add, and then apply it to a callflow.

  1. Go to Callflows > Add_Callflow.
  2. Click to add number and add a direct dial number from Spare Numbers.
  3. Click to add number again and assign an extension number.
  4. From the Actions menu, drag the Conference action and drop it on the callflow.add conf
  5. From the Conference popup dialog, you can select an existing conference bridge from the dropdown and save it or click Edit conference options to modify it. Click Save.
  6. To set up a new conference, click Add a conference. create
  7. Enter a name for the conference, the PIN number, and leave Assign To as - No owner -.
  8. Click Advanced, then Options to specify if participants should join the conference muted or unable to hear others. You can specify whether the bridge plays an entry and exit tone.
  9. You can leave Conference Server blank, unless you are setting up a conference service. See Creating a conference service.

    NOTE: The conference facility is now set up, internal callers can dial the extension number and external callers can use the direct dial number. All callers must use the PIN to enter the conference.

Creating a conference service

  1. Go to Callflows > Conference > Add.
  2. Enter a name for the conference, a PIN, and assign a user to be the owner.
  3. Under Options, apply settings as required for conference participation.
  4. Under Conference Server, add the phone number for the conference service.

    NOTE: After the conference service is set up, you can connect it to a callflow in Callflows, Add Callflow > Advanced > Conference Server. The caller will be connected to a conference service where they will have to enter the conference number and a pin.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I add an audio greeting to my conference service.

A: To add a custom greeting to your company conference calls, first set up your conference service per Creating a conference service. Then go to _Callflows > Callflow > Add Callflow. Add the Play Media action to your callflow, add media or edit as required, and then point it to your conference service.