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Introduction to Callflows

Use the Callflow app to configure advanced callflows. A callflow is a sequence of events that occurs when someone dials a number on the hosted PBX system. The Callflows application reflects what has already been configured in the Smart PBX, but offers more advanced callflow options and other account features.


The Callflows app should only be used by an administrator with detailed knowledge of how the VoIP system works.

Key Features

Manage Callflows | Manage Account Settings | Manage Feature Codes | Manage Blacklist | Manage Conference | Manage Device | Manage Directory | Manage Fax Boxes | Manage Groups | Manage Menu | Manage Play Media | Manage Time of Day | Manage Time of Day Sets | Manage User | Manage Voicemail

Accessing Callflows

  1. Log in to Hosted PBX.
  2. Select Callflows from the Your Apps page.

From the landing page, click on the setting that you want to configure.

Callflows Dashboard