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In the Callflows section you can set up advanced callflows to define the sequence of events that occurs when someone dials into your PBX. After you set up an advanced callflow, you can edit the callflow name and then reference it when setting up Incoming Call Handling in the Smart PBX app.


There are multiple ways to build a callflow using the Callflow app. When you are adding a new callflow, you can configure each action as you apply it. . You can also set up the action first, and then apply it later to a callflow. See also, Using Callflows and Callflow Actions.

After you set up your callflow described here, you can use the callflow for different reasons. For example:

Setting up an advanced callflow

  1. Go to Callflows > Callflows.
  2. From the left-hand navigation, click Add Callflow.
  3. Select Click to add number and add either a direct dial (DDI) number from the Spare Numbers dropdown menu or add an Extension. >NOTE: If a DDI or extension is already assigned, it won't be available to select.
  4. Optional: Click Callflow to add the callflow name. IP Telecom recommends adding the extension number as part of the callflow name to make it easier to find in a search. Check the following boxes as required:
    • Hide from Contact list - the callflow name won't show in the contacts.
    • List this callflow in Main Number - check this to enable the callflow to be referenced when setting up incoming call handling.
  5. From the Actions menu on the right-hand navigation, drag the first action over and drop it directly onto the Callflow box.


    Available places to drop are marked with a blue outline. The action immediately appears under the the callflow with an arrow showing that it is the next step in the sequence. To quickly find the action you need,type the first letters in the search bar.

  6. Click on the action to edit it as required. For more information about the possible actions in a callflow, see Actions.

  7. Continue adding actions, each time you drop them onto the latest step in the callflow.


    You cannot rearrange the actions in the callflow after they are added. You must first delete and then reorder them by dragging and dropping in the order that you need.


Callflow scenarios

For more information about how you can use callflows, see Using Callflows.