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Call Recording FAQ

Can I get a file that contains all the recordings on my account?

No, we provide access to call recordings through your hosted PBX and you can download individual recordings. However, currently you cannot get a complete "data dump" of all recordings.

If a recording is transferred from one call center group to another, is the recording stored in one or more files?

How the recording is stored depends on the setup as follows:

  • If "Force record entire account" is ON, then there is one recording.
  • If "Force record entire account" is OFF, and 'record queue' is on, then there might be more than one recording.
  • For recordings that were stopped and started with the in-call feature codes *7 and *9, these recordings are separately listed in the recordings tab.

Is there a naming convention for the stored recordings?

No, the recording ID is used as the filename and is downloaded straight from the server. IP Telecom recommends renaming the file, or saving it appropriately to retrieve it more easily later.

What configuration should I use if certain users do not want to be recorded for data protection (GDPR) reasons?

To disable recording on specific users or devices, IP Telecom recommends configuring your call recording application as follows:

  1. Disable "Force Record Entire Account".
  2. Enable "Force Record all Users on Account"
  3. At the User or Device level, individually disable the users and devices that do not want to be recorded. These settings will override the "Force Record All Users on Account" setting.
  4. The recording pauses and resumes depending on when the user or device, for whom recording is disabled, is active on the call.

How do I record a call center queue?

See Setting up call recording for a queue.

If call recording for a queue is set up in the Call Center app, do I still need to configure it in the Call Recording application?

No, call recording on a queue level is independent of all other settings.

If call recording is enabled for a queue, do I still need to include it in the queue callflow?

No, if Record Queue is enabled, it updates the callflow behind the queue and adds a "start recording" action on each call before putting the call into the queue.

When external calls are transferred internally how is call recording affected?

Call recording typically follows a transfer, however there are two types of call transfers:

  • Attended transfer - transfer the call to another user and announce who is calling or what the call is about
  • Blind transfer - transfer the call to another user immediately without previously informing them who is calling

Scenario 1: a blind transfer, with internal recording enabled or disabled - the call records the entire external call in one recording.

Scenario 2: an attended transfer, with internal recording enabled - the entire call is recorded including the attended transfer conversation.

Scenario 3: an attended transfer, with internal recording disabled - only the first leg of the call is recorded before the transfer occurs.

If you want to record the entire call without recording the attended transfer conversation, you could put the call on hold. Call the intended recipient on a new call, consult with them, then blind transfer the original call.

If I pause and restart call recording in the middle of a call are they stored on one recording?

No, you if you pause and restart recording, you will have two recordings - or more if you repeatedly stop and start. Every record start command will start a new recording and every stop command will stop the latest started recording. However, if the "force record entire account" setting is enabled, the recording will not be stopped at all.

If I cancel call recording on my account, can I access historic recordings later?

No, when call recording is disabled, the app is removed from the account and call recordings are automatically deleted after 30 days.

Can I change our retention period for call recording?

We have standard 2, 5, and 7 year call recording packages. We cannot customise retention periods. If you want to have a shorter retention period for call recording, you will have to manually delete the recordings.