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Using the Call Center app, managers get an overview of how the queue performs. Managers can view each queue, with all agents listed and see how calls are being handled by agents and as a group. If an agent is assigned as a manager to a queue, they have some additional settings for that queue.

Managers can perform the following tasks:

NOTE: Managers cannot log agents into a queue or change their status between "ready" and "away".

Logging agents out of a queue

  1. Go to Call Center.
  2. Click the queue that you need.
  3. To log an agent out of the queue - click on the agent, then click the power off button.


  4. The agent is no longer displayed in the queue.

Assigning agents and managers to a queue

Only administrators or managers can view the agents and managers assigned to each queue.

  1. Click on the queue.
  2. Select Agents or Managers,


  3. A panel opens with a list of available users, and agents or managers that are already assigned.


  4. You can move available users into and out of queues as needed.

  5. Save your changes.