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Call Center Overview

Support agents and managers can use the call center app to create different call queues that define how incoming calls are routed.

Key Features

Queue setup | Queue routing | Manage agents | Queue manager

Access Call Center

  1. Log in to Hosted PBX.
  2. Select Call Center from the Your Apps page.

NOTE: If you can't see Call Center in "Your Apps", go to the App Exchange and select it from all applications. Use the slider to enable it and click save. If you cannot select it, contact IP Telecom.

From the dashboard you review realtime call center activities for the current session on each call center queue. Agents can login and out of the queue from the call center app, see Agents. Managers can manage active queues or create queues. For more information about setting up and managing queues, see Queues.


Summary of permissions

There are three levels of permissions in Call Center that determine what you can view and what actions you can take within the application.

  • Admins: administrators on the whole account can see everything, even if they aren't members of any queues.
  • Agents: can see the queues that they are members of, but when they open them they can only see their own status.
  • Managers: People who are managers of a queue can see the status of everyone in that queue.
View Icon Admin Agent (agent-only user) Manager (of specific queue)
Queues queue tick tick tick
Members member tick
Actions Admin Agent (agent-only user) Manager (of specific queue)
Create queue tick tick tick
Modify queue (cog icon) tick tick
Delete queue (cog icon) tick