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Call Center FAQ's

My agents keep getting missed calls when they are busy. How can I make sure that the Call Centre detects that the agent is busy?

This normally happens when the agent has been created in the Callflows App. You will need to delete the agent from the Callflows app and create them in the SmartPBX. When an agent is created in the Callflows app, the presence ID is not assigned. The presence ID tells the call center queue when an agent is busy and will not put calls through. By creating the agent in the SmartPBX, the presence ID is automatically created.

What determines an abandoned call?

A call is considered an abandoned call when an event happens that is not related to an agent's action, for example

  • The call disconnects.
  • The caller hung up the call while waiting in the queue.

What determines a missed call?

Missed Calls are calls that were offered but were not answered by the agent. Each time a call is offered to an agent and the agent does not answer, the call is considered missed and the count increments. If a call rings the agent again, the count increases if the agent does not answer the call.

How do I record a call center queue?

See Setting up call recording for a queue.

If call recording for a queue is set up in the Call Center app, do I still need to configure it in the Call Recording application?

No, call recording on a queue level is independent of all other settings.

If call recording is enabled for a queue, do I still need to include it in the queue callflow?

No, if Record Queue is enabled, it updates the callflow behind the queue and adds a "start recording" action on each call before putting the call into the queue.

If a call leaves one queue for another queue after timing out, does it show as missed in the first queue?

It depends on the reason that it moved queues and which report level you are viewing, for example:

If a call comes in on Q1, times out and goes to escalation Q2 where it is answered, the same call is reported as follows:

  • Inbound Queues Q1: missed
  • Inbound Queues Q2: answered
  • Inbound Agents:
    • missed (for all agents to whom the call was offered);
    • answered (only for the agent who answered it)
  • Incoming Calls: answered (because it was answered in Q2)
  • Inbound Summary: appears as missed in Q1 (only when the route to Q2 is escalation from Q1)


    If there was another route to Q2, such as transfer or predefined callflows, then the call does not appear as missed in Q1.

How do I transfer to another internal user if I am using Call Center and MS Teams?

To transfer a caller to another internal user, you must dial the users's extension number. Do not click on the name or phone in your MS Teams contacts or speed dials.


After you transfer the caller to another user, currently the status in the Call Center App will show that you are still on a call.