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Call Parking API

When multiple calls are incoming, call parking places the call in a numbered parking space until it is retrieved or the caller hangs up. Use the Call Parking API to manage parked calls.

API calls

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The table shows the possible parameters available for call parking requests.

Key Description Type Options/Min/Max/Default
action Indicates the action to take for the caller. string direct_park, park, retrieve. The default is park .
custom_presence_id Defines if API should use configured presence_id and fallback to request a custom presence ID. boolean false
default_callback_timeout Specifies how long, in seconds, to wait before calling back the parker. integer
default_presence_type The type of presence to update. string early, terminated, confirmed
default_ringback_timeout Specifies how long, in milliseconds, before ringing back integer
max_slot_number Used to restrict the max number of auto-generated slot numbers. Continue past this module if the selected slot number exceeds this number. integer
presence_id The presence ID to use. string
skip_module When set to true this callflow action is skipped, advancing to the wildcard branch. boolean
slot The static slot number to use. string
slots Map used to statically define slots and their configuration. object

Other considerations Some call parking parameters can be configured in a number of ways:

  • The parameters default_ringback_timeout, default_callback_timeout and park_presence_type can be set for the entire system in system_config/callflow.park.
  • The parameter parked_presence_type can be set for an entire account in <account-db>/configs_callflow.park.
  • The parameters default_ringback_timeout, default_callback_timeout and default_presence_type can be set for all slots accessed by a callflow in the flow data.
  • The parameters ringback_timeout, callback_timeout and presence_type can be set per-slot as accessed by a callflow in the flow data slots object.
  • The presence type parameter has some inconsistent naming for backwards compatibility but park_presence_type and default_presence_type are modifying the same behaviour.

IMPORTANT: If the action's data object defines the fields, then it will override system- or account-specific configs.

Get parked calls

Returns a list of parked calls.

Method and endpoint

GET /v2/accounts/{ACCOUNT_ID}/parked_calls


curl -v -X GET \
    -H "X-Auth-Token: {AUTH_TOKEN}" \{ACCOUNT_ID}/parked_calls