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CRM Integration API

The CRM Integration API enables you to view a list of CRM integration licenses in your VoIP account.

API calls

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The table shows the possible parameters available for CRM integration requests.

Key Description Type Min/Max/Default
account_id Required. Hosted PBX VoIP account ID. string N/A
auth_token Required. Unique authentication string. string N/A
pagination Indicates if pagination is enabled. If this parameter is set to false, it returns all available results at once. boolean true

Get licenses

Returns a list of CRM integration licenses with expiration date for a specific a VoIP account.

Method and endpoint

GET api/crm/integration/licenses



Sample error response

    "status": "error",
    "error": ""


status - (string) Fixed string: "error" error - (string) Details of message that occurred

Sample success response

NOTE: "input" contains the input parameters provided, "output contains a mix of API results"

    "status": "success",
    "input": {},
    "output": [
        "reference": "zoho-crm",
        "amount": 10,


status - (string) Fixed string: "success" input - (object) Provided input params output - (mixed) API result data