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Advanced Provisioner

IP Telecom recommends adding and provisioning devices in the Smart PBX application. After a device is provisioned, admins and managers can provided more advanced or customised configuration settings using Advanced Provisioner.


If the device setting that you want to change is available in SmartPBX > Devices, or Callflows > Devices, then use those applications first to configure your device. The device configuration will automatically be updated in Advanced Provisioner.

Supported Devices

Most SIP devices should work with our system, but some phones must be configured manually if we don't support them.

IP Telecom supports configuration of the following devices in Advanced Provisioner:

Poly Devices

Cisco Devices

vtech Devices

Obihai Devices

Grandstream Devices


The number of configuration options varies depending on your device. Lines, Codecs, Time & Date, Settings, Network, and Preferences will appear for every model, but the other options such as Combo Keys, Feature Keys, Sidecars, Handsets will depend on the specific model.

Key Features

  • Auto-provision physical VoIP phones remotely
  • Check IP status to assist with troubleshooting
  • Customize settings for individual accounts and devices

Accessing Advanced Provisioner App

  1. Log in to Hosted PBX.
  2. Select Advanced Provisioner from the Your Apps page.


If you can't see Advanced Provisioner in "Your Apps", go to the App Exchange and select it from all applications. Use the slider to enable it and click save. If you cannot select it, check with IP Telecom if this app is available for your account.