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AP Account Settings

Apply account-wide settings for all devices. The "Inherit" option on each device pulls in the account configuration. This allows you to have account defaults but still enable custom settings on a per-device basis.


Any time you make a change to the account settings or fix invalid defaults click Save in Advanced Provisioner > Account Settings and click Yes to generate corresponding files. This step helps to prevent any issues with provisioning.

Advanced Provisioner Account Configuration

Review the following information in Advanced Provisioner > Account Settings.


The following should appear by default.

  • Enable: Enabled

  • Display name: Company name

  • SIP Realm: {company}


Codecs information must be completed.

  • Primary codec: PCMA

  • Secondary codec: G722

  • Tertiary codec: PCMU

Date and time

Enter the format and timezone to display on your phone.

  • Format: 24 hours

  • Time zone: country timezone


Enter the web interface settings.

  • HTTP: Enabled

  • HTTPS: Enabled

  • Admin Password: Account realm without ""

  • Provisioning URL: URL found in CMA1


  • IP Address: Inherit

  • VLAN: Inherit

  • PCVLAN: Inherit

Checking IP Status

To assist with troubleshooting, you can check the IP status of your device.

  1. Go to Advanced Provisioner > IP Check.
  2. Enter the public IP address of the device and click Check Status.


If nothing is checked, then there is no issue with the IP address. If a circles is filled, then one of the following issues was found with the IP:

  • Banned - Indicates that your IP has been temporarily banned because someone tried to load a config file manually, or repeatedly tried to provision phones that weren’t yet in our system. Your IP could be blacklisted if it is banned too often.
  • Failed - Indicates there were failed attempts to request config files from this IP. Please check your device logs to see if any of your devices are failing to pick up their config files.
  • Blacklisted - Indicates that too many errors have occurred on this IP, it might not connect to provisioning service anymore.
  • Whitelisted - IPs are added to the whitelist on the first successful provisioning attempt from an IP. If it's not on the whitelist, then phones on the IP either hasn't reached provisioner, or is blacklisted.

  1. CMA > VoIP Accounts > VoIP Accounts > VoIP Account Details for this customer. Find the "Provisioner URL"; if the field is blank, then click update and save. The provisioner URL will be generated in this account.