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AP Account Settings

You can apply settings at the account level for all devices. The "Inherit" option on each device pulls in the account configuration, allowing you to specify default settings while still enabling custom settings on a per-device basis.

NOTE: After any change in the account settings or any invalid defaults click Save in Advanced Provisioner > Account Settings and hit Yes to generate corresponding files. This might prolong the process but helps to prevent any issues with provisioning.

See Devices for more information about the settings for:

Checking IP Status

To assist with troubleshooting, you can check the IP status of your device.

  1. Go to Advanced Provisioner > IP Check.
  2. Enter the public IP address of the device and click Check Status.


If nothing is checked, then there is no issue with the IP address. If a circles is filled, then one of the following issues was found with the IP:

  • Banned - indicates that your IP has been banned for a period of time due to too many requests. Your IP could be blacklisted if it is banned too often.
  • Failed - indicates that the status lookup request failed.
  • Blacklisted - indicates that too many errors have occurred on this IP, it might not connect to provisioning service anymore
  • Whitelisted - indicates that your IP is whitelisted; it can send as many requests as needed and will never become blacklisted